Sunday, February 14, 2016


Here in Ontario, it is a long weekend. We have what is called "Family Day". This is a fairly new holiday but basically, it is a give-Canadians-a-break-cause-there-isn't-one-between-New Years-and-Easter-holiday-and-that's-way-too-long-kind-of holiday. Family Day is not a national statutory holiday, but only observed in Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Saskatchewan and in British Columbia. Sorry all you folks East and North of me!

So, what are we supposed to doing on this extra day off? Spending time with family of course doing all those highly encouraged  winter sports like skiing, skating, sleding, snowshoeing. Unfortunately, it's just way to cold out there this weekend.

Cause there's cold. Then there's stupid cold. We are experiencing stupid cold

Look closely....-27 it say's. Feels like -39 (Celsius). That's what you call stupid cold

Car did not want to start (the CRV refused, the Pilot was more obliging)
My Hot Yoga class was packed
Even the dog was not too keen on going for her walk

So all those nice Family Day outdoor activities that start with S were just not happening. But we were not beaten. We adjusted the thermometer to the right and partied inside.

Ridiculously decadent treats were bought, along with the standbys like chips and cheezies (Hawkins, a local favourite)

And an epic game of Settlers was on the menu
That really Happy guy waving at you? That is the best hugger I know (See my Blog "Hugs and Kisses" from 2014). If you need a hug, Andrew's your guy.

Tomorrow, the temperature will make it up to -12, feeling like -20 which sounds downright balmy at the moment. 

Happy Family Day everyone! May your Furnace stay strong!

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