Saturday, May 2, 2015


When it's getting near the time for me to stock up on groceries, I always ask the family if there is anything they would like me to pick up. 

Our ballerina, Lauren, who is living with us thought she would add a few items:

Nice one Lauren- just thought you would throw in that hot tub eh?
I'll just make a quick stop on the way by and pick up an extra large. Now there's a good word! Speaking the positive and believing it will happen! 

This past week I was at Tim Horton during a work break picking up a tea. As I was standing there waiting I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around to this lady behind me.

"I wanted you to know you look just like a fashion model!" she says.
"Thank you! That is very kind!" I respond. And then she says:
"Thank you! That is very gracious of you!" I stammer back. 
"I just say what's in my heart!" she replies.

Now I'm feeling a little overwhelmed by this over-the-top compliment session from a complete stranger but I ask this angel in disguise what her name is (Noreen), tell her I will keep her words in my heart and head out the door.

Let me paint a clear picture here for you: 
I was wearing a blue dress with a beige sweater and comfortable walking sandals.
I'm barely 5 feet tall.
I'm over 50
I'm presently sporting grey hair, wrinkles and zits. 

Yet in this stranger's eyes, I'm "perfect". I have to tell you I was pretty teary on my way back to work. Those are powerful, good words. Because I sure don't feel like a fashion model and I definitely don't feel perfect. 

I think sometimes when we really need to be encouraged and reminded of just how beautiful we really are, God brings someone to us just to give a little reminder. 

You may not believe it but it's true! 

One morning as I was walking the dog I came around the corner to a beautiful sunrise! 
"Nice work God!!" I whispered "that is beautiful!" 
"You are more beautiful to me then that sunrise." He whispered back. Nearly knocked me off my feet! 

So.... let me just encourage you to spread the power of a good word and be someone's angel. Let me also encourage you to believe that you truly are an amazing creation, a beautiful miracle, even flawless. 

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