Monday, May 18, 2015


There is a principle at work in the universe that what we sow, we shall also reap. Lately, I've been putting it to the test.

This week I took off work to wrestle my garden into submission. Besides, I love the month of May and I want to spend some of it actually outside and not in a windowless cubicle 5 days a week. 

I spent stupid amount of money on soil, cow poo, plants etc. and started with mixing the soil and poo into a gourmet meal for the garden:
Then I had to spread the good stuff around: sowing good soil for good crops - see?

I have a LOT of perennials so I had to pull out quite a few that were getting rather pushy and either move'm or trash'em. 

Old Man Frodo helped supervise and made sure I stayed on task:
"All right...break's over. Get back to work human." He's a slave driver.

I sowed a lot of love and hard work into the garden so let the reaping of rewards begin! 

I had to crawl out a second floor window onto the roof to reap these beauties but they are worth it.

The heady perfume from my Lily of the Valley's are now scenting the morning air. 

I housed some Geraniums and Petunias and Marigolds into my planters to enjoy as well

But reaping and sowing goes beyond a garden. We have for over 10 years now had ballerinas live with us while they attended high school and an intensive ballet school near by. Shannon, who lived with us back in 2007 came to visit for the weekend. She now lives and dances in Melbourne Australia. What a joy it was to see her again!
 Because we sowed into this young woman's life many years ago we have now reaped another daughter!

We have a lifetime of reaping and sowing from our actions, decisions and choices, both good and bad. Here's to a good harvest!

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