Sunday, April 26, 2015


Anybody else remember that song? By Edgar Winter? 1973? Anybody?? 

"Come on and take a free ride, come on and take it by my side!"

This weekend hubby and I took a "test drive": never done that before, was a totally new experience. Basically you walk into a car dealership and you say with great pomp:
"I want to take the _______ for a test drive." 
They are very accommodating. All they want is a photocopy of your Driver's License and they pull up said car and hand you a key. Free ride baby, free ride. Heck I could spend an entire afternoon hopping from car dealership to car dealership just taking whatever car suits my whim out for a spin! 
But since this was my virgin voyage, we only took one out. It was this little cutie:
A Mini Cooper Countryman

I think it is a 2011 but don't hold me to it, ask the man, numbers mean little to me. But I do know it was a standard and quite a lot of fun to drive.
Here's a headless shot of me in the driver's seat. And yes, I know I have holes in my jeans, no need to point it out. 

This car is very small and cute, just like me...hahahaha. We zoomed around the countryside and on the 401 for a bit to get the feel of it and I quite enjoyed it! But now that I've tested the waters I'm thinking, do they just let you take ANY car out? No questions asked?? Could I check out that Maserati? - just kidding, there are NO Maseratis in my town that I know of, but you get my drift. 

The problem is, it's kinda like looking at puppies - don't do it unless you mean business. You are about to fall headlong into the investment. 

We brought the little dolly back and hopped back into our familiar Honda Pilot. Well....that was fun...

Later that night we went down to a local restaurant to meet my parents and listen to my brother entertain the masses. Spencer is an entertainer extrodinaire and he wooed the crowd with his lounge lizard Cole Porter renditions. 

I'm throwing this in cause he's my brother and I'm proud of him. La Familia, capisce? But he did not play Free Ride - perhaps I will request that next time. 

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