Sunday, April 5, 2015


Easter is my favourite holiday time but this year was different, again, for me:
No Easter egg hunt
No colouring any Easter eggs
Neither of my children came home
I had to work

But we were still able to participate in the age old tradition of breaking bread together with family and friends. 

On Friday we went out for lunch with friends at Blumen Garden Bistro. I had a lovely vegetable tart!

The next day was dinner at my husband's side of the family. There were two new babies to marvel at. 

Our children our starting to extend the family line! This is Kara, my nephew's new baby daughter. Easter is about new life, new beginnings and I got to hold this precious bundle while she slept. 

The next day was dinner at my parents. More amazing food and time with family.

And let's not forget those little candy coated chocolate  eggs. They are evil I tell you, evil. They suck you in with their soft pastel colours and before you know it you've devoured a mountainous amount.

"Food and fellowship" as the church people call it, are keys parts of any celebration. We reconnect, laugh at familiar memories and catch up with one another, all while we enjoy an abundance put before us. 

For me, because this year was a little different, I was also reminded of how precious our time is together and sometimes, how short. 

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