Saturday, March 28, 2015


It's a pretty big deal around here, this Maple in the County thing. For those of us in the Quinte region, it is our signal to stretch, scratch our backsides and stick our heads out of our caves (aka the room with the TV) and start to sniff the sweet smell of spring and maple syrup in the air!  

Each spring Prince Edward County beckons to enjoy all things Maple. So we heeded the call and headed out to enjoy the festivities. It was an utterly clear, sunny day but still, oh so cold. The north wind was nippy, letting us know winter is not quite ready to let go....yet. 

So here is a run down in photos - you can't possibly hit all the sites and sounds but we did spend an afternoon giving it a good try. 

First - find a sap house and by all means fill up on pancakes and sausages. One our favourites it Fosterholm Farms, a busy sap house where we all hand in our tickets, reap a plate and find a spot to sit amongst many others stuffing their faces. 

I bought some syrup here to stock up and you can choose between light, medium and dark. I went for the medium this time!

Continuing on our tour, we headed to Vaders. This family has been in the tapping business since 1910! As a child living in the County in the 70s I went to school with a couple of them. One of the best things about Vaders is their huge tub of kettle corn popcorn they make fresh right in front of you. They pour the sweet nectar of the trees over it and suck you in by handing out samples. Yes, please, I will buy the biggest bag available.

There are lots of different maple syrupy goods to choose from all over the place. Here is a preview from Vaders.

Then we headed to Nyman Farms where there were a number of vendors selling their wares including, believe it or not, organic cotton candy. 
And it is. Nothing but the basics of organic sugar and maple syrup for a sweetener. I did try a sample and it was delish!

Then we headed to the barn and I got a little snap happy - so here you go.

Looking a little sleepy I know, but that was part of her charm

Speaking of a sleepy charmer, this little fella was less than a week old!

I'm a little embarrassed I was eating these guys' relatives less than 2 hours earlier....

There is so much more going on - lumberjack show, lots of wineries to visit, tours and everything is scented with maple. Check it out if you are in the area. Wear warm clothing and I would recommend a good appetite and boots/shoes you don't mind getting really muddy. 

So come on! Spring is here! Stretch, scratch your backside, stick your head out the door and follow your nose to the sweet smell of maple!

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