Sunday, November 2, 2014


Hope you all survived another Halloween! We are now firmly entrenched in November and although this is my birthday month, it  is in the top 3 for months I dislike. 

November is damp. And dreary. And Gray.

It is too far away to get excited about Christmas and just close enough to get stressed about it.

But before I get overly depressed about the month of November, let's see October off with a bang, which we did, at my office. 

Work is a little difficult right now. The moral is bad for a number of reasons but that does not stop this bunch of crazy women from hopping into hair and makeup for the Halloween festivities. 

In the supportive care team, we did the "Deadly Diner". Here is the cook, one of the waitresses and the big guy in the back is the Complaints Dept. 

We had lots of eat if you dare treats including poisoned apples and severed fingers, not to mention a witches brew, caldron cupcakes and spicy bat wings!

Another team was in "The Dog House"

One of the groomers lost a dog....

But I have a pretty good idea where she can find it....

This was our pumpkin pie (or tart) making station

We played Bingo!!!

But my favourite is my co-worker, Laurie, who happens to be born the same day, the same month, the same year and the same hospital as me. In essence, we were nursery mates. She spent an hour on this makeup job and by-golly, she nailed it!

Thanks co-workers for making for a fun day. Now it's chin-up November for me!

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