Sunday, October 26, 2014


I had to hunker down this weekend and get some lawn clean up done. Before we know it the snow will be falling and the shovels will be calling. 

So this post is all about the beauty and the beast of fall clean up.

Here's the backyard - this falls under the category of beauty. But that is a lot of leaves to rake up! 

Hence the beast - raking and bagging, raking and bagging...

Found another beast....she is "helping" me round up those leaves. I use the term loosely as her idea of help is to rip through the piles with glee. 

Beauty - Firebush

Beast - in the midst raking I have to stop and clean up Lulu's special treasures that she leaves me. Here are my weapons of choice.

Beauty - leaves are bagged and ready to go! 

Beast....definitely beast. Hope you all appreciate what it took for me to get in close and take a shot of this fatty.

Beauty - the dahlia are still blooming but I will have to dig them up soon. 

I'm ending this post with one last beauty. After a back breaking day, I made a meal of roasted cornish hen with mushrooms, rice and vegetables and finished it off with apple crisp. Then I enjoyed a well earned glass of tummy warming wine. 

I was speaking with my neighbour who is battling a serious illness at the moment. She was commending me for my hard work and she noted "it's great that you are well enough to do it." So true. 
The beauty in the beast of labour.

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