Sunday, November 9, 2014


I had a birthday this week! Turned 51, and my sister got me this great birthday card cause I've always been a fan of Grover, who is 48 years old, by the way. 

There is a distinct feeling that I'm not walking on an incline anymore. The toboggan is making that little scrunchy snow noise it makes when it is starting to head down the hill.

So now that I'm in the homeward stretch, I can't help but wonder what's next, what does life hold. 

What's ahead? If I were smart, I'd check in with a 70 year old. Like Frodo here. 

Frodo is over 13 years old in cat years - which makes him pushing 70 in human years. He does not like the vet. So he hunkers down with his head low on the scale hoping we would all go away. 

I arranged for some blood work to determine if Frodo is looking at kidney issues or diabetes. I'm not expecting good news. He's an old cat. But he has been a great cat and I've had enough animals in my life to know the deal. 

Judging from that, I can expect to be dealing with health issues, for myself and for those I love. There will still be moments of grief and sadness and disappointment.

But there will also be gifts of love - I received flowers, a beautiful shrug, a new IPad, a really big magnifying mirror (so I can find those chin hairs) and lots of good wishes. There will still be times in life to celebrate and appreciate.

I had two birthday dinners this week - one at my parents and another at a restaurant. 

At my parents, we were having an Octoberfest celebration, tagging my birthday onto that. So I got sausages, sauerkraut and pig's tails for supper! Not exactly what I would put on my birthday menu but the Oompah-pah album playing in the background really put it over the top as a good time. 

Last night, we went to Earl and Angelo's, a steak house in town and I had halibut - which is more my style.

And life will still hold lots of sweet surprises. Just check out my birthday desserts:
The apple cake my Mom made me. Those little figurines have been a staple on our birthday cakes for as long as I can remember.

At the restaurant - I had lots of goodies - which we all shared by the way. Everything in moderation you know:

There was chocolate cream pie

AND chocolate cake

AND this flambe white chocolate lava cake.

Life after 50? Who knows,  I've only been 51 for 4 days. So far, so good - let's hope I can manage all life throws at me with grace.

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