Sunday, August 31, 2014


I probably don't have to point this out to many of you, but the summer is pretty much nicked. We ended ours with a week at a cottage that we have rented regularly for many years.
It's surrounded by whispering pine trees and perched amid the glacier placed boulders on Weslemekoon Lake. 

Inside is rustic and cosy - very no frills, kinda like me.

We follow a different culture at the cottage. The "What Happens at the Cottage, Stays at the Cottage" culture. 
Basically, there are  no rules. 
If you want chocolate and pizza pockets for breakfast - have at'er.
If you want to watch movies all day -be my guest.
If the dog wants to play Rumoli, who's gonna stop her?

But, I do follow one rule because I need some semblance of order.
I must swim every day, no matter.
Summer is so short in Canada, I just got to take every advantage of enjoying the warmer outdoor weather. 
My swimming routine is along this line.
I lay on the dock attempting to warm up in the sun for hours and read or stare at the silky waves.
Eventually I doff my hat and make my way to the end of the dock. 
My toes tentatively touch the water.
Oh yeah.....It's cold. 
Does not bode well friends.
Once my feet accept the cold water I check the sky.
Have to wait for a long stretch of hot, hot sun with no cloud interruptions. 
"I will go in after this cloud moves on." I tell myself - several times.
I know once I make that commitment and lean forwards, it's game over, I'm goin' in! 
The moment comes, I push my body to jump in and I'm shocked by the engulfing frigid water. Worse, I've lost too much weight this year and having difficulty keeping it on so my insulation factor is at an all time low. 
I usually scream a little and kick a lot in an effort to warm up. 
No one take any heed of my hysterics. 
They are used to it.
Besides, you know what they say...What Happens at the Cottage, Stays at the Cottage!

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