Saturday, August 16, 2014


It's been a busy week at the Crowder household with lots of changes. 
In work vocab: we are expanding and adjusting our services.
In Christianese: enlarging our tents and extending our tent pegs.
I've suddenly become a mother-in-law and a new mother all in less than a week. How did I pull that one off, you wonder? I'm kinda wondering myself!
I was (fortunately) off last week as we prepped and fluffed for Randi's wedding. There were hair appointments, meetings with the caterer and visits to the venue. There were last minute provisions to pick up, and then the transport of everything including the bride to the wedding. 
Randi was stunning (cause I do good work, including making children!) and the groom very handsome. The weather was beyond perfect. We have worked very hard to make this day special for the kids and I think, we pulled it off. And voila - I now have a new son-in-law! The family expands! The tents enlarge!
So after a long, busy, emotional day I came home to a hurricane hit house. Towels and sheets to wash, beds to be remade, bras and panties flung askew, makeup, water glasses.
Yet I suddenly found an empty space in my head - all those wedding details were as defunct and antiquated like the latest technology. 
I had been casually checking out puppies on Kijiji when I came across an add for retriever/beagle cross pups for sale. There were a girl and boy, adorable and ready to go at 11 weeks. Would Sheldon possibly agree to this sudden venture? Well, let's just say we found ourselves after a long day of work driving 3 hours to Brampton to pick up Lulu Belle in a Swiss Chalet parking lot.
Her cuteness factor is beyond description. She seems very clever and sweet tempered. She has big floppy ears, which are a must. But the kicker is she seems keen on coffee, just like her predecessor, Amelia.
So, in the same week, I've also become a new Mom with a baby to care for. 
My family expands! The tents enlarge!

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