Sunday, August 24, 2014


You may feel the title of this post is deceiving. You may be right. So for the guys, all 2 or 3 of you, who read this blog - sorry. Let me just clarify this a bit. 
I work in an office full of incredibly intelligent, caring and amazing people, most of whom are women. We have a few brave men who stand up to the massive estrogen dose they are exposed to and my hat is tipped to them, because in an office consisting mostly of females, there can be drama, there can be shopping and intense family discussions, there can be vulgarity and even bitchiness. 
We need to connect.
We need to de-stress
We need....CHOCOLATE. And wine, let's not forget the wine. 
I happen to keep a well stocked drawer of chocolate. Check it out....
Alongside the chapstick, whiteout and lip gloss there is also chocolate: milk, dark and white at the moment. It is there for all the hard working women and those few brave male souls to indulge when needed.
One day I get a instant message from one of the girls.
Krystina: "Hey"
Me: "Hey"
Krystina: "Guess what time it is?"
Me: "2:00"
Krystina: "It's Sexy Time."
Me: "??? Sexy time?"
Krystina: "I'll be right over."
Krystina arrives at my desk and clarifies that chocolate time, which is 2:00, is sexy time. 
Being a wordy type, I thought I would look into that one a bit.

Sexy: generally attractive or interesting, bodacious, desirable, dishy, hot, luscious, toothsome.

She's right, chocolate time (2:00 in the afternoon at the office) is Sexy Time!

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