Sunday, March 30, 2014


It's usually not much bigger than a stamp. Just a little piece of animated paper that you peel and stick. But there is just something about stickers that, well, sticks with you!
Last week we had a team meeting. We had some rather delicate issues that needed to be discussed and our Manager thought she would start off on a positive note and we all got stickers for our good work. Mine said "YOU'RE GREAT!!" I peeled and stuck it on my shirt and wore it proudly the remainder of the day. She emphasized before proceeding to the next agenda item, "now I want you to remember this feeling!" Yes, I'm no dummy, I know she was buttering us up. Good thing too.
But word got around the office that stickers were to be had and before you knew it many people were sporting their stickers, some more than one!
These belong to my co-worker, Julie. She got a little greedy.....

But we love stickers! 
Instant gratification!
Instant pat-on-the-back feeling! Yeah Me!!
When you were in school, did you not desire ardently, the sticker received on a test you aced?
What about the ole sticker reward system at home when your teeth were brushed and your bed was made? 
My cello teacher Linda, gives me a sticker when I do well on a song. Mind you, I have to have that song down pat and memorized. She does not hand them out willy-nilly. No sir, those are hard earned, those stickers. I usually pick an animal, last one was a big white polar bear. And I love the feeling I get when I look and see, yup, got a sticker on that one. 
Perhaps not everyone is keen on stickers. I've noticed my pets don't particularly like them.
Then again, Frodo does not seem too perturbed...

If spring ever shows up, she gets a sticker. For that matter, if winter ever leaves, I'll sticker his backside on the way out. So bring on the sticker joy. I'm 50 and I still love em, for crying out loud.

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