Saturday, March 15, 2014


Hey All. Hope you have had a good week! Maybe even a "high end" week. What do I mean by "high end"? Well, let me try to explain.
I have a co-worker, Richard, who is an expert on all things high end. In fact it is a statement I hear coming from him to describe food, a place, an outfit, whatever. But he does not drop the term willy-nilly. There is criteria to be met. 
"High end" is top of the line, high quality, the best of the best. Richard is a big giver so he sometimes buys me something, drops it on my desk and says
"That's High End! You're gonna love it!" Recently he bought me this butter.
Can you see that? Imported, Product of France, unsalted. That's high end my friend. The stuff is silky and creamy and far beyond the statement "melts like butter." So much better. I want to use it with extravagance only. 
High end does not have to mean more expensive, but it usually does. So there are some things I'm willing to pay more money for: 
Fine Dining
Hand Cream
Electronic goodies
After sampling that butter, I may have to add it to the list.

There are other things that are no big deal to me:
I'll buy most of these things second hand without a second thought. 
So, getting back to the previous week. Looking back it would seem quite ordinary, but there were "high end" moments in it. I just had to find and recognize them. 
There was a hint of spring in the air (followed by yet another snowstorm and deep freeze but let's not talk about that). 
There were moments of laughter and communication with those I love. 
I received a random hug from someone. It touched me to the core just because I realized this person who has many walls up, felt safe enough to get close to me. Truly, there are no ordinary people in this world.
So here's to the best of the best! I hope you have a wonderful week ahead or at least a few wonderful moments. And you too can say 
"That's High End!"

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