Sunday, April 6, 2014


If there was a fire and everyone (including the cats) were out safely and you could save 3 other personal items, what would you go back in for? For me, one of those things would be my photos.

I've always wanted to capture beauty and feelings. But it soon became apparent I was no artist in the drawing/painting sense. Clearly I was not going to accomplish my goal that way. So, I turned to photography instead.

My first real camera was a Minolta that my husband bought for me. That Minolta served me well for a good long time and I have reams of negatives stashed away. Next up was a Nikon which I still use today and now, along with the transition from film to electronic, I often snap photos with my IPhone. They each have their pluses and minuses and I'm not about to wax eloquently on them. The point is, I'm still trying to capture beauty, trying to capture a feeling or a moment.

If you take the time to look back over your history, freeze framed in photos, what do you think?
"That was a great time in my life!"
"I really miss spending time with ......"
"Eeggadds! I was young and stupid!"
Often, when a photo is snapped you think it is a terrible picture of you, but then you look back 5-10 years later and you think"how young I look, that is a great photo!"

So, here is a few photos I've snapped over the years, shots of people, place I love, really just me trying to capture beauty, or a moment, or a feeling.
My front porch of our house in Foxboro. We lived here for 12 years and I spend a lot of time here having my coffee, watching the thunderstorms roll in or enjoying a crisp autumn day.

My little italian Grandma on my Mom's side. She was about 91 years old here. Her response to this photo at the time was "I've got a big nose!" I love how this photo captures her years of wisdom, her sadness and just a touch of confusion.
Randi and Sheldon at Lake on the Mountain. Randi is about 2 at the time. In a few short months she will be getting married at this same location......geeze.....

Mornings at the cottage. Endless summer days of reading, sunning, swimming and playing.

Here are a few I shot this week. Still trying to capture a moment!
How Amelia spends her days until I get home from work....rough, I know

Sylvain, one of the many beautiful people who show up at a downtown Drop-In Centre I volunteer at.

Adrian, at the Boiler Room in Kingston.

The first couple photos were taken with my Minolta, the next were with my Nikon and the last were with my IPhone. But they all capture moments in my life that I've managed to capture for a brief second and somehow make eternal for not only me but for whoever else happens upon them. goes by fast.

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