Saturday, March 1, 2014


Although the cat is pretty much out of the bag and well down the hall, some of you may not have heard the daughter, my beautiful firstborn, is getting married this August. That means lots of planning, lots of money and of course, finding the dress!

Now before you go freaking out on me Randi, I will NOT be posting a picture of your dress. It is safely tucked away in my closet waiting for its big reveal.

That got me thinking about all the dress hunting I've done over the years which turned out to be not very often. The first one I remember agonizing over was my Grade 8 Graduation dress. I guess that would be about 1976...
I'm the short one dead centre in the flowered concoction. Pretty groovy don't you think? As I recall, I had to use a brooch to pin the middle together cause I did not have the top shelf to fill it out....story of my life....

I did not attend my highschool grad as I was in a different sort of place at the time of my life, so we skipped that one. Next up would have been my wedding dress.

My sister Heidi and I were married the same summer so we simply shared dresses - I wore the wedding dress and she was Maid of Honour and then we just switched dresses for her wedding. So the dress had to fit us both.

The photo is no heck but I'm totally distracted by how dark Sheldon's hair is!

So other than a few here and there for important occasions, I have not had to go through this ordeal very often. Good thing. I'm not much of a shopper.

At Christmas, while Randi was home for a short two weeks, we went wedding dress shopping for her. Now Randi is redunculous and looks good in pretty much anything. She is all curves in the all the right places. 
This is one of many she tried on. And I rest my case.

Today I thought I would take a gander and see what I could find for myself. I'm not really sure what I'm looking for....nothing frumpy and probably nothing too formal. I'm open to suggestions. I've looked at "Mother of the Bride" dresses with not much luck (could be I'm in denial). I checked out this vintage store, which is really a fun and fascinating place to just wander in. Found this bit of pink fluff...

Nahh.....not really my style.....but here is something for the man in your life. 
"Dahling, my slippers and pipe, if you please...."

Needless to say, I went off track on the "finding the dress" process.

I did find one that piqued my interest. Fit pretty good but I will need the talents of my good friend Kelly to pull it off. Meantime, I will keep looking. People keep telling me I will know it when I see it. Here's hoping!

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