Sunday, November 18, 2018


I woke up Friday morning to a snow-filled driveway. One that needed to be begins the long Canadian winter.

I'm not a big fan. 

In fact here's my 10 things I hate about you (winter) list:

1)   I hate having frozen fingers and popsicle toes. 
2)   I hate the way my nose runs....all the time...when I'm outside.
3)   I hate pushing a grocery cart through a slush filled parking lot.
4)   I hate that I'm always walking the dog in the dark.
5)   I hate getting into a cold car and freezing my butt on a cold    
6)   I hate that sometimes I can't even get into my car cause it's 
      frozen shut!
7)   I hate having to gear up into with many layers in an attempt to 
8)   I hate that I can't ride my bike to work very easily.
9)   I hate all the scraping and sweeping and shovelling....
10) I hate that there are no birds serenading me when I wake up. 

But....then....there is an undeniable beauty to the season.

Just look how adorable house this house looks with it's adorable book swap out front!

The countryside is hushed and still and calm.

And Christmas is coming! How the greens and red pop!

Maybe, hate is too strong a word...may winter, it seems is a little bit more...

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