Sunday, November 11, 2018


This past week I had a birthday! That means I'm in a reflective and somewhat poignant mood as I consider that fact that I've made it through 55 years on this earth. 

This life is quite a journey! It's like we are on a train ride together. There's lots to see and experience as we move on down the tracks. We meet new people. We hang out with family and friends in the dining car. Some people spend all their time in the bar car, some people keep to themselves. 

But then the train starts to slow down and comes to a stop. The Ticket Inspector comes around - "this is your stop" he says to your mother, or grandfather or maybe your best friend. 

Some people know their stop is coming up. They have their luggage ready to go, they say their goodbyes. But some don't. 

My train is still chugging along - doesn't seem like my stop is coming up too soon. And you know what? I trust the Train; it won't break down and will get me through this life journey.  I trust the Conductor, who knows where I'm going and what's around the bend, even though I don't. And I trust the Ticket Inspector, who knows when my train ride is ending. He might pop his head into my carriage car and say "Hey Cyndi, your stop is coming up soon." Or He may not and suddenly without warning I've reached my Destination.  Father, Son and Holy Spirit - I trust them. Able to rest in this, I'm enjoying the experience, the scenery, the ride. 

Thanks to everyone who celebrated me this past week with gifts, and best birthday wishes and love! You make this journey all that much richer!

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