Sunday, September 24, 2017


Not only did a buy a fat pig, as in sausages, I bought everything else for a fresh Market Meal!

But let me start at the beginning. I love going to the market each week to pick up fresh fruits and vegetables. Then I had an idea....why not create a dinner out of all things Market Fresh?

There was salad of market greens topped with roasted mushrooms and red peppers, Baba Ghanoush for dipping radishes, cucumber  carrots, broccoli, and some funky white turnip (that was a big hit), barbecued honey garlic and spicy sausages, roasted potatoes and beets,  garlic bread, cheese biscuits and pholourie, little spicy balls of chickpea dough. 

Dessert consisted of Raspberry pie, churros, fresh berries and, well I cheated a little here, banana bread from my freezer.

I invited some friends to help me taste the wares and review the bounty. The winners were everything, but coming in at first place were the funky white turnip, roasted beets and potatoes, sausages and pholourie.

It was a lot fun deciding what to buy for the Market Meal. The options were endless and the people friendly and knowledgeable about their products.

This is Justin, the sausage dude. He knows how to treat pigs right!

You pay a pretty price for the mushrooms from these guys but they are worth it I tell ya, worth it.

This is Bya, ladling out the Phlorourie for us. I also bought the little cheese biscuits from here and had to resist the roasted chickpeas - I'll save that one for next week. 

We also checked out the "authentic Russian food" from this very authentic Russian lass:

I'm planning on making this an annual event opening it up for everyone to explore the market and bring a dish of their own creation. 

So come on everybody! To Market to Market to buy a Fat Pig - Home again, Home again jiggety jig!

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