Sunday, September 17, 2017


When we start something new it can be very exciting and fresh: new marriage, new job, new house for example, and often endings can be sad and difficult. But many endings can be made into something beautiful. 

My garden is at the end of it's seasonal run right now. Today I went out to snap a few pics. After a heavy fog, the plants were wet and dewey. 

The morning primroses, once green with bright yellow flowers are turning this beautiful shade of red.

The rose bush is starting to turn sleepy brown and the bee balm has a few straggling strands of red fronds left.

Only a few short weeks ago, the phlox was white and frothy! The lily of the valley is mottled and brown.

But I find a lot of beauty in the garden right now, even with the plants at the end of their growth and blooming. 

Yesterday I volunteered at the Greg Shepherd Memorial Run. This fundraiser is in honour and memory of Greg, who was like a son to me. After a night of hanging out with his friends at Kelsey's on July 11, 2013, Greg hopped on his motorcycle and was barely a block away when he was stuck by a car. Greg passed instantly. We all still grieve this sudden and inexplicable loss. 

But his family decided to make a beautiful ending.

Each year they host a motorcycle ride to raise funds for a bursary, given to a deserving student taking the DSW program at our local college.

Motorcyclists, friends and family, gather together to honour and remember Greg.

Endings can be hard...really hard. But look closely, you may be able to find there is beauty in the ending. 

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