Sunday, February 12, 2017


If I were a betting woman, I would guess you usually have some sort of music floating around in your head. Something you heard on the radio or a catchy commercial ditty. Or, something from your own music collection. 

I know I do. Follows me around while I carry out my morning ablutions, while I'm walking the dog, working, eating- my own personal musical just going on in my head. The song changes up when another ear worm invades and takes over my head space. 

"Ear worm, or brain worm" is described as "stuck song syndrome, a catchy piece of music that continually repeats through a person's mind after it is no longer playing." Well, some of them are catchy, some are just plain annoying!

I love music. All kinds (except Country....sorry. Just can't do it).  

Some I love because of the memories they bring. Memories of loved ones or a beautiful moment I can somehow relive while the song is playing. Led Zeppelin always reminds me of my sister Heidi. 

The musician in me will fall in love with the bass or drum line or a gut wrenching solo. The guitar solo in Elvin Bishop's "Fooled around and Fell in Love" nails it.  

Some I love cause they are great work out songs - hats off to the awesome funk of Earth Wind and Fire and Bruno Mars! 

Some, are so beautifully engineered they are works of art in themselves. John Mayer that's some team you got working for you!

I have classic rock, funk, inspirational, classical, jazz, pop, alternative all hanging around on my music collection and in my head space.  

You have yours too - quite likely there's some country in there. hey - to each his own. What happens in your Musical, stays in your Musical.  I won't judge you by your iPod!

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