Sunday, January 29, 2017


This just in....I'm going on a vacation to somewhere warm and sunny! It's been a long time friends. The last time we headed south to escape winter's icy blast was 17 years ago and I had a 12-year-old and a 9-year-old in tow. 

But, I'm all grown up now, the kids are off and married and there's money in the bank so Sheldon and I are heading to Punta Cana with another couple for a week of sun...sand...and....SPIDERS??? 

Wait a minute....wait just one minute here....most of you know how I feel about Spiders. But I was texting a friend of mine, a well seasoned traveller, who was giving me the scoop. Follow our textorama below:

Me: Here's where I'm going Richard! (I send a link to our Hotel)

Richard (he's pretty excited for me): The junior villa with whirlpool bath on terrace is the type of room you want! Away from the kids over looking the ocean, very nice!! You will love 24 hour room services. I always ordered coffee or tea every morning and I sat on the terrace and listened to ocean and birds!! One thing I really miss about summer are winters have no birds songs!! One of the evenings you need to walk over to the hotel next door and go to the high end casino!"

Now here is where the information takes a quick downward plunge...

Richard: "Also, watch out for the spiders, they are as big as dogs. (sends me the pic above). They come out at night, ask me about a funny story tomorrow!!" Also the kids and people love baseball! The Boston red socks!! I would recommend buying a red socks baseball cap or anything baseball. I gave away my baseball cap and it got us a room upgrade!! Don't buy any tacky things all the stuff on the beach comes from China, rip off." 

Me: You lost me on spiders....SPIDERS!!! I'm not good with SPIDERS!!

Richard: "It's OK, the resort is always spraying for them!! People forget sometimes that they are going to the jungle! With jungle animals!! If you can, stay away from the ground level rooms!!"

Me: "I'm about to hyperventilate...."

Sheldon figures Richard is messing with me so he tells me to send this over:

Me: "Did you google this to freak me out???"

Richard: "No, I'll show you pictures from my camera!! It's OK, they don't bite!! You just have to be aware of them!! Don't just walk around like your at home, be aware of your surroundings and you will be just fine!!, Now if you don't believe me just look up Punta Cana Spiders. I should of never told you!! I am such a dum ass!!"

Me: "Knowledge is power Richard. I'd rather be aware than not!"

So, there you have it. I'm going on vacation! To enjoy the sun....sand...and...(gulp) SPIDERS!

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