Sunday, January 8, 2017


That's what I'm searching for right now: Colour, Warmth and Light. 

I'm deep into a Canadian winter and these 3 necessities for my soul are scarce. 

Walks with Lulu are under a dark starry sky, either early in the morning or after supper. But during the holidays, when I had some time off and Lulu approved, I would give myself an extra hour's sleep. Heading out the door for our walk was still a dark activity but in the east I could see the sky taking on a lighter, rich, royal blue - Light and Colour!

I spend time in the big comfy chair by the fireplace

Colour, Warmth and Light

The pets are also searching these things out and I often find them situated in the path of a sunbeam. If there is a blanket or throw wrapped around you, Sasha will not be far behind.

She will soon cuddle up - Warmth

I bought myself some flowers: some for home and tulips bulbs for the office:
Lots of Colour for my soul

I made a big pot of vegetarian Chili, chock full of veggies and beans.
Scored Colour and Warmth!

It's Winter. 

It's January.

It's Dark and Cold and Black and White

I'm doing what I gotta do to survive and feed my soul. I'm searching for Colour, Warmth and Light!

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