Thursday, July 21, 2016


For over 30 years I have been camping, and except for on two occasions when I had a newborn to feed, I've never missed a year. And in all those 30+ years, I have camped with my husband.

Except for this year....Sheldon dropped the bomb that due to work he would not be able to go camping. 

Camping without Sheldon? Never been done. Who is going to cook the steaks or ascertain the canoe would not fall off the car or hoist the food up into the trees to amuse the racoons and bears?

Time to put my "back-up" plan into place! 

My back-up meant bringing in a full support team consisting of an Engineer (son), Teacher (daughter), Nurse (daughter-in-law) and a Really Strong Philosopher (son-in-law). 

With the A-team in place I fearlessly headed into Algonquin Park sans husband. 

We had the canoes up and on the car in no time

I'm a pro at cooking salmon but not so much at steak so the A-team helped. They were delish!

My Engineer son built expert campfires using carefully arranged and prepped wood piles in small, medium and large.

Unfortunately he did burn his hand at one point but no fear, Nurse Carolyn was at hand to assess and provide care!

My teacher Randi was a "Monsta" on portages and provided us with interesting facts and would read to the philosopher until he conked out.  

Good thing cause Really Strong Philosopher Dan was always asking probing questions like "what is your favourite camping memory and your worst camping memory?" He was also mighty handy for chopping wood, carrying canoes etc. 

So, with all the basics covered we enjoyed our trip and the scenery

If you get the chance to canoe through Barron Canyon, I recommend it! The scenery is stunning. 

I'm sure you are wondering what skills I brought to this Trip? Well, as administrator, I prepped for the whole thing and am proud to say, forgot nothing so we all had tents to sleep in and food to eat. 

I did forget the cherries on our lunch day trip, but they were at least packed in!
Nope, doesn't look like anyone starved.

So there you have it, camping without Sheldon is indeed possible.

My plan however fell through at night when I would crawl into my tent wearing socks, track pants, shirt, sweater and zip up the sleeping bag. I was frozen and there was no hubby to warm me up! 

As good as my back-up plan was, I hope the A-team will have  "Lieutenant Colonel" Sheldon back on board the canoe. 

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