Sunday, July 10, 2016


Let me be clear. I'm no princess. In fact I lean towards the tomboy side. Things like manicures, pedicures, primping and pampering have little appeal to me - I'm just too earthy.

So when my husband booked us a day at Ste. Anne's Wellness Resort along with two friends of ours I was like....meh. 

We left early on a gray, misty day but by the time we arrived at this little slice of heaven on earth the heavens cleared to sparkling blue skies with cotton fluff clouds floating by. 

My, My....what have we here!

Flowers, fountains

Little pathways to meander through and find quiet places

This is not so bad....even for a tomboy-type like myself!

After a brief rundown on our day's activities and where to find them, we started our day in one of the hot tubs.

Once you are warmed up in there, you slip around the corner to a smaller pool filled with much, MUCH cooler water.

Time to close those pores! I went in up to my neck (briefly and vocally) before I quickly slipped back into the welcome arms of the hot tub.

But this is where I spent most of my time - by the Olympic size pool!

I swam, sunned and basically did little else.

Food is included in the spa excursion and they feed you well!

Everything is fresh and well presented

This little morsel of lemon/blueberry cheesecake was scrumptious!

You will notice the men are wearing white robes. This was the typical attire, people garbed in white like some strange commune. I'm always a bit of a rebel so I did not wear mine much! 

My friend Shari and I both had facials (had to do something spa-ish). "Amanda" did mine and we talked food and restaurants. I enjoyed it very much and would recommend it! That's saying something coming from a no fuss no muss girl! The white robed guys each had a massage. 

We finished our day with a final walk around the grounds feeling loosey-goosey and relaxed. 

Given the opportunity, I would go again. Even us earthy types can appreciate a Spa Day!

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