Sunday, July 24, 2016


This is my front lawn right now:

No, that is not a pile of straw. This is what is left of my grass. We are having a bit of a dry spell. The infamous weather man teases us with possibilities like 40% or even 60% chance of rain, but nothing comes of it. So, like a good citizen, I'm trying to conserve water and the lawn is paying the price. My flowers are barely keeping their heads up. Some have given up the ghost altogether. I decided to put water in the fountain as it occurred to me the birds my appreciate it!

Dry spells can affect any area of our lives: emotionally, spiritually, physically. 

So what does one do in a dry spell? Well, if you're thirsty find someplace to get a drink! 

I recently went on a camping trip. Getting out into the woods, listening to the sounds of woods, water and wind always refreshes me like an ice cold bevy. 

A couple of weeks ago, Sheldon and I came across "Prince Edward County Lavender". We are fortunate to live so close to Prince Edward County which holds so many jewels.

We sat ourselves down in some comfy chairs under the shade of a tree. There is the slight scent of lavender with the gentle breeze and a large smattering of tourists snapping photos of these frothy purple fields.

Bees are busy buzzing around everywhere doing what they do; a juxtaposition to us humans moving slowly (for a change) as we meander through the purple haze.

If you are having a dry spell find some way to get refreshed. Read a few Psalms in a quiet place, go for a walk in a field of lavender or the woods. Take an afternoon nap. The heavens may not open immediately and rain down but it will help. Eventually you will feel more like yourself and not a dry, easily fired up hayfield like my front lawn. 

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