Saturday, October 24, 2015


I've just finished a week of holidays! A staycation in fact. But in case you thought I was sleeping in until 10 every morning and partying every night (well, maybe a small glass of wine every night but nothing excessive, I assure you), you are misinformed. 

I had yard work to do - trim down the plants, rake leaves etc., little errands and chores, lots of one on one time with the dog but I packed in so much more. 

So, here are the hi-lights!
I made homemade applesauce with my daughter Randi! First time in a long time as she has been overseas for several years. I now have a freezer full.

This stuff is comfort food to me. Add some hot buttered homemade toast and a nice chunk of cheese and you have a perfect meal.  

Did a fair bit of cello time with Morrie. 

Took my girlfriend Denise to the County for a daytrip and started Christmas shopping. In case you are wondering, this is a package of "nothing" (for the person who has everything) and it's yours for only $9.95. 
No. I did not buy it.

Found a glorious new bakery called "The Pink Lunch Pail Bakery". And it's a winner! If you are in Picton, do check it out. 

These were adorable little cookie displays. I can't imagine what they will make for Christmas!

Cappuccino and biscotti are always a good idea.

Thursday dawned glorious with temps around +15 Celsius so I slipped in a bike ride, probably one of the last for this year. 

The trail down by the waterfront was beautiful!

Come Monday, it's back to 9 to 5, in the office, in my windowless little pod. Am I refreshed and ready to back? You bet. I'm very grateful to have a job and work with such amazing people. But every now and then - a Staycation is just what I need. 

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