Sunday, November 1, 2015


Here in Canada we have just finished Halloween. We also had a time change and we set the clocks back one hour. This should calculate out to an extra hour's sleep for all those sugared up kiddies (and parents). However, at my house no one told Lulu about the time change so she was up-an-atem for her walk and 4:45. For the record, dogs are a good idea, 80% of the time. The other 20%......

But this is not about dogs. This is about cats. Besides Lulu, the white demon dog, there are two cats in this house: Sasha a Russian Blue we rescued from a shelter and Frodo my 14 year old tabby (so fluffy!). 

Now Frodo, or Old Man, as I now call him, has been a great cat. Other than the usual financial maintenance and a few nasty abscesses I've had to deal with he's been no trouble, 80% of the time. The other 20%......

Like when I started a new puzzle. Frodo likes to inspect the goings on.

This is a common dilemma for cat owners. We know that as soon as you spread that puzzle out, or open that book, or sit down with a cup of tea, a cat inspection is pending. 

Fine Old Man, by all means please examine what I'm doing. But that is not enough. Frodo feels this is an excellent place for a bit of washing up!

And now that he has my undivided attention, a little R&R with a few rubs under the chin are in order

"Hey, Old Man. It is impossible for me to work on the puzzle like this!" The cat, or any other cat in the universe, does not care. 

I've noticed Frodo cannot retract his claws as well as he used to so when I pick him up I sometimes need extra hands to help disengage the cat now permanently attached to my clothing. 

So now I have cat trouble. In my attempt to extricate thine Fluffy Majesty from the puzzle he proceeds to ruin most of what I have completed. 

Cat - 1
Me - 0

There will be no more puzzling done tonight. 

For the record, 80% of the time cats are a good idea

The other 20%.......

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