Sunday, October 4, 2015


Lulu is doing her growl/grunt noise which means "get out of bed and take me for a walk." I can only ignore it for so long so up I get and out into the cold, dark morning.  The wind is biting and warning me of worse things to come. The stars are abundant and I pick out the dipper, Orion's belt and bow and Cassiopeia. Lulu is oblivious to the beauty above her, nose to the ground and chasing leaves!

Back home for coffee, I turn on the fireplace and light some candles. Time to shine a little light. 
I'm not big on shopping. The mall holds very little interest for me. Shoes and Jewelry are not even remotely in my top 10 list. And I'm not a light scented candles all the time all over the house type either (case you are wondering I am female, sometimes I wonder myself, but I checked to make sure). 

But it is dark and a little light shining in the dark can make a huge difference!

Here is another example. I helped out at the "Ride for Refuge" yesterday. This is a fundraiser to support people who are "displaced, vulnerable and exploited." Local funds will help support "Nightlight" the drop in centre downtown where I volunteer. 

Here is Lydia and I providing maps, water and direction.  
We were also trying to stay warm so there are abundant blankets around us but we threw them off for the photo! 

And there go some of our riders!!

These people have raised funds for the cause and are now off to pay the piper and do a 10, 25 and some even 50 km bike ride. Shine a little light!!

Lastly, I received an email some time ago. It was forwarded by a missionary I know from one of her co-labourers, a man I've never met, or even heard of. But somehow my name came up and he was praying for me. She forwarded me his prayer (translated from spanish) and here it is: 

Dear Cyndi,
I pray so that God make the miracle you are expecting so that you feel that even His silence has been the evidence that He is listening attentively when you spill your heart. I pray so that you understand that if you see only the steps of one person in your path they are not yours, but the Jesus who takes you in His arms.    
In the name of Jesus Amen.     

This stranger in another part of the earth encouraged me greatly. I was humbled, actually. 

Somewhere someone is thinking of you, and will shine a little light in your time of darkness. At the very least, it is probably your Mom! Remember to do the same!

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