Sunday, October 18, 2015


I was at my parents for Thanksgiving last week. Just before we were about to head out the door, my Mom handed me a plastic bin full of pictures. 

Pictures of me.

Me as a baby (not a pretty baby either)
Me with my siblings
Me with my parents
Those awkward school photos
Me with my husband-to-be
Me with my newborn daughter 
Me, Me, Me.

The first part of my life, up to about the age 35, all nicely assorted in one plastic bin.

I have yet to really look through them all. But how strange to see so much of one's life all in one place! Especially as I'm usually the one taking photos and I'm not often in them. 

Stranger still, due to the changes in technology and pictures now being electronic, there are practically none in the plastic bin from the past 15-20 years. 

Which makes me wonder if I should start printing off photos to fill  the 15 to 20 year void that is missing in the plastic bin. I mean, I'm still here people or as they say in Monty Python "I'm not dead yet!" 

Maybe I'm still old school. But these photos seem so much more real and tangible. 

And there is something about seeing your life, all in one place. All in one plastic bin. 

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