Sunday, September 6, 2015


This past week I had to work the 12-8 shift - by no means my favourite but every now and then, it has to be done. By the time one gets to work everyone else is well into the groove of the day and just as you are starting to catch the beat, everyone is leaving!

It has been hot, hot, hot all week so I rode my bike most days. The only issue is by the time I'm leaving a little after 8, it's quite dark. Now back in my young and foolish days I would ride my bike in the dark all the time (and without a helmet!) but I'm older and more cautious now. Riding a bike in the dark feels, kind of risque. I kinda liked it! Look at me, zooming along in a perfect temperature, making all you poor people in cars nervous, unable to discern that big stick in my path until I barely have enough time to zip out of the way, making all you poor people in cars even more nervous. The one thing I did not like was all the bugs. No I could not see them but yes, I sure could feel them hitting my face. 

Which is my segue into spiders. I'm pretty sure I was hitting spiders. Big, fat ones, hanging from trees, minding their own business until, WHACK! Along comes some human on a bike out of nowhere. All I kept telling myself was "keep your mouth shut Cyndi, just keep your mouth shut!"
 In the morning, while I'm having coffee in the garden, big fat, contented spiders are hanging around everywhere, finely attuned to every vibration made in their elaborate glass houses. The other morning I watched a honey bee buzzing along and suddenly Mr. Bee was immobilized, caught in one of the big fat, contented spider's webs. Mr. Spider quickly scampered down to check out who was coming for dinner, was satisfied with today's catch and scampered back with glee to a corner, probably to assess what spices were on hand. I thought to myself, that spider is big and fat. Mr. Bee is, according to the world wide web, becoming obsolete. So I took a branch and removed the portion of the web holding Mr. Bee and helped him down to the ground, much to Mr. Spider's chagrin, I'm sure. 

Night rides and spiders. This would have made a great Halloween post. Alas, like coming to work on the 12-8 shift, I'm out of the groove!

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