Sunday, September 13, 2015


Last week was hot. Hot, Hot, Hot! On average, it felt like 36 Celsius (that's 96.8 for you farenheit folks). That means I spent most of last weekend doing afternoon napping. Too hot outside, too hot inside. 

But on Friday we took a nose dive and  Saturday and Sunday have been cold, wet and rainy. In fact, today most of Belleville is pretty sleepy cause in the middle of the night there was a fantastic electrical storm with thunder booms that shook, rattle and rolled us all. I was pretty sure I would wake up to see cindered trees and craters in the pavement from all those lightning bolts!

I've had a very busy week - out every night for one thing or another so after work on Friday I got groceries, went home and crashed. No reason to go anywhere except directly to the kitchen and putter! Besides, I've not done a foodie blog in a while.

I had a few things to use up. For some reason, bananas have fallen from grace in my house and they sadly turn brown utterly forgotten on their pretty platter until I move them into the freezer for their final demise. I also wanted to stock up on some vegetarian dishes for when they are needed.

First up was a chick pea, potato and cauliflower stew. This is supposed to have apple in it but I did not have one. Mango was up for grabs instead. This is a nice hearty vegetarian option!

Next was a squash soup (I threw in the rest of the cauliflower as well).

I like to add roasted sunflower seeds as a garnish for a nice crunch!

Then there were all those sad, brown bananas in the freezer waiting to be redeemed. So I made a chocolate banana cake with a cream cheese frosting:

And finally I finished the weekend with two loaves of banana bread - one with chocolate chips and one with pecans (special request). 

I froze the soup and stew for later use and the baked goods will be eaten up this week - either at church or the drop in Centre downtown or work. 

The moral of this blog is, if you are feeling forgotten remember the Bananas - they have the last word!

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  1. Vegetarian options. I wonder who that could be for?