Sunday, March 22, 2015


Yesterday I heard a woman say, "Ask your heart what it wants."
I thought, now that is a good question! How often do we truly take a moment and find out what the heart really wants. 
Lots of things may come to mind: money, a new house or car, a vacation, a big piece of chocolate cake, a husband, wife or child. 
But then if you are really listening, you will hear what the heart wants:

You think a child because your heart wants Love
You think Money because your heart wants Freedom
You think a Vacation because your heart wants Peace
You think chocolate cake(well, I would) because your heart wants Joy! 

The heart is not interested in the tangible stuff, the heart wants the intangible, emotional stuff. Stuff like healing or absolution. 

Maybe your heart wants all these things. But what is the ONE thing it wants, what is truly your heart's cry and desire? 

Right now, my heart's cry is for Freedom. To do stuff, to help others. No limits. 

I personally have to turn to the One who created my heart.
The One who adores me and loves me unconditionally
The One who says I have a kingdom of Love, Peace and Joy
The One who heals the broken hearted
The One who says where My spirit is, there is Freedom. 

Every now and then it's a good idea to find out what your heart wants and how to answer it's cry. And let's be gentle with each other's fragile hearts. 

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