Sunday, March 1, 2015


Last Saturday night I had the privilege or participating in a fundraiser called "Called Coldest Night of the Year." Monies raised goes towards supporting the "hungry, homeless and hurting" in our local communities across Canada. In our little town, we raised about $20,000. Wow!!! Thanks for all the community support!

My job was to stand on a corner and direct walkers as they made their way around a 2km trek. 

I stood in the snow with a warm hat, vest and some water.

I also had a sign....which I trust I had pointed in the right direction, cause I'm not known for having any God given sense when it comes to knowing which way to go.

Here are a few more of our cheerfully serving volunteers!
Gotta register to walk

Part of the Welcoming Desk crew!

This is Ron, Rose and Bev. I get to hang out with them on Tuesday nights when I volunteer at Nightlight. Hearts of gold....all of em.

How cute are these two?! They are our caterers and made us yummy chilli, vegetarian or meat. I'm not much of a chilli girl but theirs is delish!

We also had a very generous donation of baked goods from Panera. They were practically annihilated by the time I got back for a photo but here is a sample. Thank you sooooo much Panera!

Our stalwart walkers started to straggle in, covered in snow to cheers and applause. We had a break in the frigid temperatures but it was a wet, snowy night!

It's important to give back to your community. To do what you can to help extend love to all, no matter what their life circumstances. I was very proud everyone who gave their time, money and energy!

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