Sunday, December 7, 2014


Every now and then, you need to do something you have never done before. In fact it is encouraged to try something new every day....every day? Well, not so sure about that! I'd be through my bucket list is less than a week. Where's the fun in that?

But I do try and push myself and try new things and experiences: things that I'm curious about, or interested in, or terrify me. This past Friday, I managed a new experience that covered all 3 of the aforementioned boundaries.

My incredibly talented cello teacher, Linda was putting together a string ensemble for any brave enough to try. I signed myself and Morrie up and for the past 3 months, every other Tuesday, we have been meeting to rehearse for a Christmas concert.

Here is a shot I took at the dress rehearsal

My little heart was apounding already!

Then came the big night! Break a leg or a string or whatever the musicians say. As much as I wanted to bring my iphone up on the stage and snap shots of the full audience, enraptured by the exquisite sounds, I did not think that would fly in this setting. So I nabbed a shot before everybody showed up (except for the early birds, those two sweet little old ladies, God bless em).

It was a beautiful old church and the acoustics were a treat to work with.

Meanwhile, smuggled outback, incognito were my comrades tuning up and getting ready to go. 
Here is Francine one of the other cellists and John our narrator with a voice as smooth as butta...

We had some technical difficulties...

I messed up in a few places... 

I got totally lost on Hark the Harold! It was more like Harold, Where the Hark am I in this song??

But our Ode to Joy and Coventry Carol were beautiful!

So, thanks to the sweet little early bird old ladies, to all my friends and family who came to cheer me on and support the cause and to my new string ensemble friends and especially Linda who spear headed the whole thing.

I did something I've never done about you?

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