Sunday, September 21, 2014


Had a bit of a rough start last week....there were some very frustrating things going on at work. I think my co-workers thought I was going to lose it and start yelling expletives! Something like this....

You should know I kinda swore myself out by the age of 20 so swearing is not something I do anymore.

But sometimes, you just gotta say it....

I was biking home and I passed a man sitting in his car in a parking lot. He was not yelling but just stating an exasperating fact. I will use replacement words here, and you are all smart people, so you will figure it out.
", duck, ddduuuccck!"
Thank you stranger, I understand completely.

One time I was driving around with a girlfriend who was so angry at a situation she was about to blow So I just cried: "JUST SAY IT!!!"
So she did - good and loud.

My mother, who was working shift work at the time was trying to get some sleep. We kids, all 4 of us, were making a ruckus and she came stomping down the stairs.
"Spit in Well! Will you kids shut up!!!" Yup - she just had to say it.

But frustrations don't last forever, things eventually turn around. 

Yesterday, after a week of mitten wearing cold, the weather finally turned around and I hopped back into my shorts and basked on the deck. 
I mowed the lawn, topped up the fountain and the bird feeders.
I cleaned the bathrooms and washed up the bedding with fresh sheets.
I love fresh sheets.
I made some killer chocolate chip cookies.
We went to this very cool building and checked out quartz for the island that Sheldon is working on.
I was fascinated with the structure. Would this not be a great place for a photo shoot?? And the quartz was pretty nice too...

Then we headed out to Campbell's Orchards for fresh vegetables. I bought garlic, a jalopeno pepper, a bushel of apples and a pie pumpkin which will be turned into homemade applesauce and pumpkin puree for pumpkin pie, or pumpkin thai soup or whatever.

Finally I bought myself this delicious caramel apple

I suggest you do not eat this in public...they are gooey, chewy and messy. I had sticky caramel on my nose and fingers, juice running all over my chin and onto the table. I just let that mess happen until I was good and finished. 

So, the moral is, if someone is having a bad day, they may have to let it rip. No judgement here, happens to all of us. Things will turn around - the weather will change, the sheets will be fresh, and there are caramel apples to eat.

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