Sunday, September 14, 2014


The age-old excuse, used by children centuries, I'm sure. 
"The dog ate it." 

I want to say this urban myth is actually true. I can vouch for all the kidlets who said those words as they innocently looked into the doubting eyes of their teacher, Miss Rothbottom, and watched as her eyebrows raised sardonically.
In fact, let me just add to that statement - "the dog at it, and everything else she could get into her nonstop need-to-chew-on whatever-is handy baby mouth."

I've been through the puppy stage 3 times (actually I'm going through the 3rd time right now). 

Sam - the monster lab, aka Dogzilla, ate, just to name a few: shoes, a whole chesterfield, a banister and more socks than I cared to pull out the other end.

Amelia- my lazy sleepy houndog ate: my glasses, a chair, also lots of shoes, my banana bread.

And now I have Lulu - little tiny Lulu - really how much trouble could she be? So far she has destroyed a library book, made several attempts at shoes, all her toys and the cats, my fingers, a computer cord, the cord off my flat iron and almost the tasty cord attached to the vacuum as well. I've caught her gnawing on my rug, the metal legs of the stool and today she took a turn at my IPad. Best not touch the electronic toys Lulu....there will be Big Trouble in Little China for you. 

I had wanted to bring Morrie the cello out of the basement this year. Although quite bearable through the summer it is dang cold down there in the winter and makes moving frozen fingers nimbly on strings most difficult. But I would be a fool indeed to think Morrie would be safe and sound up here by the fire. No you can bet Morrie would be a prime target for Lulu!

So, until those baby teeth get gnawed out, until Lulu is spayed and fat and lazy, Morrie shall have to stay in the cold basement, safe from those little razors. 

So. teachers, you can believe all those little angels. It is no urban myth - the dog ate it. 

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