Sunday, September 28, 2014


I spent as much time as I could outside this past weekend. Why? The obvious answer is because it was incredibly beautiful outside, but also because I know what's coming. And it's not pretty. So I got out there under the golden trees and the brilliant blue sky.

I biked around the east end of Belleville where "Porchfest" was going down. I have never been to this  and a friend of mine recommended it to me so I thought I would go check it out. Basically, it is a community event where you go to different homes and enjoy music ranging from pop, folk, classical and bluegrass - all kinds. Musicians are out there, entertaining the masses and you just wander onto their yard and voila - a free concert! There is a great sense of community as we walked, or in my case biked in groups to each area.

These guys were rockin the street! Really tight band with a great rhythm section - right on the money. And the singer just belted out the tunes. We were all head bopping in no time.

I enjoyed this band very much and wish I had a better shot of them. They were eclectic with violin, stand-up bass, mandolin, guitar and a lot of fun to watch.

I also came across the occasional lonely troubadour. There was this fellow playing guitar and I also found a pianist tinkling the ivories on his porch. Music sounds soooo much better out in the open.

Everywhere you went, there were good vibrations.

Afterwards I headed down to the market to stock up a bit on fresh veges and fruit.

Apples, beans, flowers, peppers, squash, honey - you name it.

Life can have it's struggles and throw you curve balls.

But it also sends you so many gifts of food and music and love in many forms. Good and perfect gifts, given freely to everyone who cares to enjoy or appreciate. Yes, there are lots of Good Vibrations out there, just lower your resistance a little and you will find them!

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