Sunday, May 12, 2013


Since I have been so delinquent, I thought I would provide a quick summary of what's new in my life. That way, we will be all caught up in one quick post! the past couple years, here is the run down.
I have a new job at work in Palliative care.
We have a new car. At least, new for us.
This is also new:

Her name is Sasha and I picked her up at a Shelter in Hamilton, Ontario. She is beautiful Russian Blue. Sweet, a lap cat and curious. 

I was able to travel to Italy (check that one off my Bucket List!). We took the whole family and it was the trip of a lifetime

I have a new billet/ballerina. Her name is Nami and she is from Japan. 
I recently travelled out west to Kelowna, Banff and Calgary. This country is beyond description!

Also, this is Morrie, the Cello.

My family also helped me pick this one off the Bucket list, by picking Morrie up for Christmas. I'm learning to play.... working on it.....

I have a new book out, "Growing Up Quinte", which I co-wrote with my father. 

This is new - and old. My eyes are old and getting older, but a few years ago, I had laser eye surgery. So they see things differently. Better, but not perfect. 
My daughter spent a year in Japan and just recently returned home to Canada.
My son is starting his last year in University for Civil Engineering.
Both have a new boyfriend and girlfriend!

That about wraps it up. We can start fresh from here!

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