Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Problem with Practical

In many respects, I'm a practical person. To be practical means "mindful of the results, usefulness, etc., of action or procedure; sensible." Yup. That sounds about right....I'll consider the actions to complete a task, ponder what is the most "sensible" or in the case of buying something, analyse it's "usefulness" and make my decision based upon the results. For example, why buy a mega bulk size bag of carrots, even though it is cheaper when there are only 3 people in the house and  we will never eat said mega size bag before they go rotten? The practical thing in my mind would be to buy the appropriate size bag of carrots that I know will be eaten and not thrown out. 

The problem is, practical people rarely do extravagant things....not very sensible you see. A waste of time, money and effort. And sometimes it's good to be extravagant.

We live in an amazing world full of both practical and not practical things and processes. The growth of a plant is very practical. It grows, produces, feeds other things around it, reseeds, dies and starts the cycle all over again. But sometimes I look at the incredibly beautiful flower produced, a God made miracle, that only lasts a short time and its gone. Snowflakes are individual works of art that disappear as fast as they float down. Now that is extravagant! And not practical! 

So I'm trying to simmer down my practical side and think extravagantly. It's not that I'm not generous; I am and I love giving as much as I can. It's just that where I PERSONALLY am concerned, I have a hard time thinking in extravagant terms. Maybe it is the 20 plus years of mothering in me....

Wish me luck, I will do my best to not shut down an idea, person or object that comes my way with a big extravagant red bow on it. 

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