Friday, January 22, 2010

The Languages I Speak

I thought I only spoke one language fluently - English. I've dabbled in Italian and of course took French in school which was, as the kids say these days, an Epic Fail. But it has occured to me I speak two other languages quite well. That would be Charismatic Christianese and Governmentalian.

Common words/phrases you would hear in Charismatic Christianese: called, sensed, led by the spirit, claimed, believed, portal (this one is still a little iffy to me), establish, authority, honour.

Common words/phrases you would hear in Governmentalian: processes, initiatives, budget constraints, targets, champions, project, data analysis, input, tasks.

So you see, I can sit in a church setting and discuss quite fluently and understand all the lingo around me and likewise I can sit in probably any Government meeting and get a pretty good picture of what is going on.

It would be rather funny if I started mixing the two up.....picture Cyndi sitting in on a meeting with a number of government bigwigs:
Government Figure - "What are your thoughts on the budget issues?"
Cyndi- "I feel the budget constraints can be established if we claim our authority and I sense I am called by the spirit to support the initiatives"

And cue the crickets......