Friday, January 15, 2010

You Can't Beat a Good Sunbeam

In our house, and all year long, there is competition for a good sunbeam. If you find it, you take it.

That means I have pets and people curled up in odd places thinking vicariously about the beach in the dead of winter or just warming their old bones.

I'm not very good at curling into a ball on the floor. I don't find that too comfortable. But once that sunbeam hits the chair in the front room, or creeps over my bed, I'm all in.

Around lunch time, come January and February I will open the back door leaving only the screen door closed and allow the sun to flood the dining room. Immediately there are chairs reposititioned and pets vying for a spot on the floor.

Sunbeams are truly a gift from above. Enjoy yours!


  1. Oh the pleasure of a sunbeam.
    My back room gets this simple pleasure around 11:30am every morning. At that time the furry children seem to awake from wherever in the house and head for this spot. It's usually the only time the cat and the dog will lie together.

  2. My living room gets southern exposure - so it's sunbeam heaven!! I sometimes join the dogs on our carpet to soak in those healing "rays"!!

  3. I think I'm cat on the inside ... LOVE a good sunbeam and a good book!