Friday, January 8, 2010

I Am Woman

All in all, it's been a very productive day. But then again, I'm a woman, w-o-m-a-n, I'll say it again (thanks Helen Reddy). I got up, walked Amelia, spent some time with Jesus, did a work out, took Randi to the doctors, then took Randi all over the place (Shopper's Drug Mart, bank, OSAP place, the Mall, Walmart, Kelseys), then we picked up a couple movies for tonight. By the way, it's movie night tonight. Finally picked up groceries and back to Shopper's to pick up Randi's perscription. All accomplished before 2:30! We shovelled the driveway, started some cookies and enjoyed a Tim-Tam Slam. This is something new to me - Randi introduced me to it. Let's just say it involves Hot chocolate and chocolate cookies known as Tim-Tams and is very yummy!
So, feeling pretty multi-tasky, I thought I would start some laundry. Last I checked there was a load to be started. Upstairs, I find my husband has left me about two full hampers full! He tends to save up his laundry, much like he saves up his overtime, and then Kablam! There it is! Enough laundry to spend the day in suds and folding motion. So I pile up the two hampers full into one, gather up at least another hamper full from the rest of the household and attempt to stuff that into the already overflowing hamper, hobble carefully down the stairs with my clothing mountain, around the corner, shuffle down the hall, and hobble again down the stairs to the basement grabbing a plastic bag along the way because I might as well do the kitty litter while I'm in the basement (I'm a woman). Lo and behold there is that other load of laundry I was thinking about.
Pride cometh before a fall my friends - never forget that.

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  1. Funny - I was thinking along the similar thoughts this morning... as I headed out to make coffee - stopping first in the living room to open all the blinds and put cushions etc back in place while grabbing Harley's toys... then putting on the coffee and while it was brewing, reassembling my kitchen from my ever loving son who decided to make tacos last night and bake cookies and drill his latest project on my kitchen island.

    We are PRO's at this multi-tasking thing - yes I too Am Woman... and Man can I ROAR... just ask my family.
    Thanks for the read Cyndi