Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Many Hats We Wear

It will be Halloween in about 3 days which got me thinking of the many different things I have transformed into on Oct. 31.

For the longest time - seemed like years, I was a skunk. I still remember the fur tail made stiffly with wire and the white strip down the back.

I was a clown once and of course a vampire.

One of my favourites was the back end of a horse - no kidding. My sister was the front and we would get into position with me at the back underneath the sheet at each house. Then to speed up the process of getting to the next house we would separate and run to the next house. Back to the back I would go and under the sheet for the next Trick or Treat! I don't remember getting a lot of candy that year......

One year my girlfriend and I went as "Electro Woman and Dina Girl" (1970 something, I was Dina Girl). At one house we stopped at a rather drunk fella opened the door and slurred ya gotta do a chtrick....

So we sang the intro for the show with great flourish. He was pretty impressed!

See video.....I think I could still pull it off...


  1. Finally someone who remembers Electro Woman and Dina Girl.
    I am so picturing you in that costume ;-)
    I was once WitcheePoo from HR Puff N Stuff

  2. Sorry girls - Don't recall the Electro Woman and Dina Girl - however Maureen I do remember WitcheePoo!! Help I'm having a flashback to Puff N Stuff!!

  3. Well.....needless to say...I don't remember them. Considering that earlier today I was feeling old...I am glad I don't remember makes me feel younger. Not that anyone that does remember them is old...that is not what I am was I saying? ;o)