Friday, October 16, 2009

I think that Tree is Smiling...

Some people would call me a tree hugger and they could be right, although I'm not sure exactly what the definition of a tree hugger is. But I am someone who loves trees - they calm me down, they keep me cool on a hot summer day, they whisper in the summer, rustle in the fall and clack in the winter.

Trees seem to have personalities to me. For example Maple Trees are like moms - they always are welcoming with branches low enough, inviting every child around to hop on up and snuggle into the crook of a branch. You will often find a big swing attached to them! Whereas Oak trees are like beautiful, estranged ladies. They have lofty branches, looking way down at us and elegant leaves. Pines and cedars are a race of their own - never changing, solid fellows that can take the weight of the winter snow easily (can you hear them singing "hi ho, hi ho"??). And then there are birches and willows, elms and sumacs.

I was out for a visit to "The County" last week and happened to snap a shot of a tree elf - no really I did (see picture). He's peeking out at me quite suprised thinking I couldn't see him - but I did.

I guess it is true - I am a tree hugger, lover of trees, whatever. I need them around me, rustling, laughing, clacking and whispering. Scripture says the "the trees of the fields will clap their hands." So, you see. I'm not crazy after all!


  1. Have you ever read "Ida B and her plans to maximize fun, avoid disaster and possibly save the world. It's written as a juvenile novel but it is incredible and the way she talks about trees is similar to this post. I think you'd like it!
    I love trees too

  2. Hey Diva - I have never read Ida B but I will hunt it down. A good read is a good read - juvenile or not! Thanks for the suggestion.

  3. I smiled back at your tree...