Saturday, November 7, 2009

Christmas Shopping

Not that I have to mention it but Christmas is fast approaching. That means all you big kids are beginning to consider what to buy other big kids and little kids for Christmas.
I had given it some thought and for this year and I decided I would try to buy on a more local basis. When I mean local I mean stuff made in Canada, being Canadian and all. I had no idea how difficult this would be. It seems everything is made in China!
Nearly every piece of clothing I pick up "made in China". Every litte kitchen do-dad or piece of plastic "made in China." Toys, stuffed animals, games "made in China." One would think they are just raking in the bucks albeit in small amounts as this stuff is inexpensive. So one has to ask - why is 90% of everything we go to buy cheap and made in China? I even spotted a Roots (clearly Canadian) sweater and upon checking the label - you guessed it "made in China".
There are some things I can guarantee you can buy Canadian without too much difficulty: maple syrup, cheese, local native goods such as moccasins.
I've decided to expand my goal to include Canada and United States. Today I will be going to an art and craft show called "The Maker's Hands". I'm pretty sure it will be mostly "Made in China" free and perhaps I can pick up a gift or two without blowing the bank up.
This is a bit of a challenge and I know there will be a gift or two under the tree compliments of China but with all the focus on local products and our economy I'm willing to give it a go.


  1. Growing up my sister had a best friend. It was the friend's Grandmother that ONLY bought her Grandkid's things that were made in CANADA. Pretty cool! Maybe it was easier to do that 30 years ago? Quite a challenge. Personally, I would be more than happy with cheese and maple syrup as gifts!!

  2. Wow, let me know how you made out.
    Happy Birthday wonderful friend!

    I love how you enjoy many things in life so intensely. I love your creative mind and the way you articulate what you are thinking. I love that you love ferociously and give endlessly. You are a treasure.

  3. I hear you - finding things made in Canada is almost impossible.

    I'm with Holly on the cheese and maple syrup. Honestly we all have so much stuff that I've come to greatly appreciate the finer consumable items that are locally grown and made.

    Happy Birthday - so sorry it didn't work out for us to join you and Sheldon for your birthday dinner.