Thursday, October 22, 2009

Time for the Ice Scraper

It seems since the son got his license he has really taken over my car. I never see it anymore and that means I am STILL riding my bike. I'm not good with cold weather (not enough insulation on the bones) and my extremities in particular are always cold but as I have to get to work somehow, the bike will have to do.
So the other morning there is a definite chill in the air and I can see my breath as I take Amelia for her morning walk (in the dark, under the stars). Taking note of this I dress appropriately for my ride to work.
Extra sweater -check
Mittens - check
Ear warmers underneath my helmet - check.
Ice scraper....
Ice scraper, I hear you ask?? Aren't those for Canadian car windshields on winter mornings so you can see where you are going? You would be right but as everyone was scraping their windshields I was scraping the seat of my bike. Not that the frost would make it difficult for me to see but, well, it would have made for an uncomfortable bike ride you understand. So I scraped away and off I went.
I biked down a hill and the cold air brought tears to my eyes and took my breath away. I biked underneath trees dropping golden snowflakes all around me. I did my best to keep my hands warm and failed. I was very tempted to bike through the leaves all piled up along the curb of the road like kids waiting for the Christmas Parade but I thought better of it as I was not sure what was underneath all those colours and hitting a big stick with a curb on one side and cars zipping by you very close to the other would not be a good idea.
It's a whole new experience biking in the fall. My sister - bless her heart, will bike all year long, straight through the winter. I should add she will be turning 50 next year. I salute you Heather, ice scraper raised high.


  1. i salute YOU Cyndi- car keys raised high.

  2. haha! This was a great post. I love the imagery--you with an ice scraper...Amy with car keys. I'm yelling from inside my house, "Go Cyndi go." And then I keep on sipping my tea.

  3. I'm shivering and laughing all at the same time. Oh I love ya!!