Sunday, October 21, 2018


It's inevitable....winter is on her way. In fact I've seen a few snowflakes scouting around and we may have more snow tonight. I'll let you know cause Lulu is on a new schedule where she rings her cowbell relentlessly around 2 am until I get up and let her out. 

Time to begin prepping for hibernation! But first a quick look back. I've had a good summer and the garden faired pretty well. Here is my first rose of the year, landing on June 15th:

And here's my last one.
She was just a shy little bud but the frosty nights were too much so I clipped her off and brought her in. She opened up and smiled at me.

We are finishing off a few projects around the house and this strapping young buck has been doing some sorely needed masonry work.
This guy must have had "mason" tattooed on the bottom of his foot when he was born cause he definitely fits the part!

The Fire bush which really does nothing all summer except provide a great place for the chickadees to gossip in pulls out all the stops and starts showing off in a fiery red ensemble:

And soon all those ruby red leaves will fall off along with the millions of others that will need to be raked up. 

My garden is prepping for hibernation. And so am I. The summer clothes are stored away, the mittens are out in full force, the windows are closed, the red wine and fireplace awaits.  

Last night I made a beautiful pasta dish of cheese tortellini with roasted squash and kale, inspired by this recipe here:

I could, and might eat this every night! It hits all my comfort food cravings. Last week, it was beef stew and I already have a pretty good supply of soup and vegetarian chilli in the freezer. 

I'm in full hibernation prep - how about you? 

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