Sunday, May 7, 2017


It seems we went from April Showers right into May Monsoons! We have had SOOOO much rain. My flowers are waterlogged

and tapping out

We are breaking rain records and so far this month (all 6 days of it) we have had 146.7 mm rain. Our average for the month of May - 79.4 mm.

It's a lovely sound, listening to the rain tap, tap, tapping on the window but eventually you are just going to have to get out there.

So, where's that Rain Slicker?

I've been living in this baggy, slick number for most of the week.  Yesterday, rain or rain, I headed out to make the most of it.

I stopped by the Bulk Barn and also did a bit a shopping for Mother's Day. But just to make my soggy day a little easier, I picked up a Chai Tea Latte made with Vanilla Soy Milk at Teavana.

This tea is warm and spicy and not too sweet. I highly suggest you don't start into them unless you are willing to commit. 

The local authorities have warned us to avoid the waterfront regions so, of course, had to go check THAT out. The Moira River is all worked up and angry and did not want her picture taken. 

But the Bay of Quinte, drinking in all that Moira River water is fat and lazy and spreading out all over that place.

There's a trail under there somewhere

Just spreading the love

No, that is not supposed to be an island!

The ground beneath my feet was wet and makes a distinct squelchy sound with every step. With wet socks I decide its time to head back home and make a stick to your ribs supper.

I'm a day late for Cinco de Mayo day but it was still a good hearty meal with beans, rice, hot peppers and chicken. Thanks Marcus and Kelly for the recipe!

Today, thank the heavens above, it is not raining. My slicker finally has time to dry and so do I. 

I don't know about you but I'm ready for Mr. Sun to take the stage!

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