Monday, April 17, 2017


I headed out the door early Easter Sunday morning to walk Lulu and noticed two things: it was not pitch black out and there was a gentle, summer breeze blowing. The same one that greeted me with a kiss when I walked off the plane in Dominican Republic. 

Finally, I've been waiting for you to show up! It seems we spend a lot of time waiting for something.

Teenagers waiting to be all grown up.
Wives waiting for husbands to come home.
Men waiting for the dream girl.
People waiting for life to begin, waiting for life to end.

And everyday, waiting for supper to be ready, the kettle to boil, the weekend to begin, the pain to be over. 

As I was walking Lulu, watching the colours change on Easter morning I was considering my faith. Here is a God who is so Gracious, Merciful and who loves me despite my short comings. 

How Good He is! Which got me thinking about all the Bad that is also part of our lives. The sadness, broken dreams and promises, blatant evil. Why do Good Friday things happen to Easter Sunday People? 

Sometimes it's hard to recognize the Goodness of God until we clearly see the opposite side of things. If nobody knew pain, how would they recognize joy?

So here is this patient God, waiting for you and me. He took all our pain and screw-ups and bore the punishment on Good Friday. It was underserved. Like the loss of your loved one or the chronic illness you deal with or that betrayal.

The same Easter Sunday God rose victorious and says "Come on! Let me carry those sins, give you rest, new mercies every morning and joy everlasting!" With Him there is forgiveness, new life and new hope!

So....what are you waiting for?

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